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When you whisper 
in my ear
Strings sing without
fingers so soft
Bows touch finger-
boards of violins
It’s like the chimes
have danced and moved
without the
wooded winds

Black Iris

My eyes hold
an island
of storms
Surrounded by clouds
begging to
turn grey
I don’t know 
If I can stay afloat
any longer
I’m afraid
of when it rains



The larger
the canvas
The smoother
my touch

The brighter
your colors
the deeper
my paint

The louder
my silence
The softer
your sighs

I know why
you left me when
you did

I never slept
and you didn’t love

thephilosophersotherstone said: My sincere condolences, Madi. Be well. :)

Thank you so much for your support and love, Martin. I appreciate it greatly ♥

I didn’t realize
the moment
I began measuring
my pain in

The larger
the canvas
The smoother
my touch

Thank you for all the prayers and support everyone. My grandmother took her last breaths a few hours ago. I’m sorry for not writing a lot but I really don’t know when I’ll be back.

The remains of sunset skies
Harvest moon reminds
Your eyes

Thanks my dear one for all the love ♡
Like mine

Thanks for all the love, my dear ♥♥♥